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The history of Brookmans Park School
by Lilian Caras - First published 1983 (Revised May 2000)

Index and Introduction

school.jpg (14029 bytes)
Brookmans Park Primary. Camera courtesy Fujifilm.

The 1944 Education Act placed new responsibilities on Local Education Authorities (LEA) by imposing a statutory duty to provide a school place for all children between the ages of 5 and 14 (soon to be 15).

This situation would have been difficult enough to cope with in the short term, given the patchy nature of existing facilities especially for the over elevens, but couple it with the post World War Two rise in birth-rate and add the chronic shortage of skilled labour and materials (many of which, like steel, were still rationed), and it becomes obvious that the task of providing a place for all children was a monumental one, which would need careful planning.

To this and, the Act also required Local Education Authorities to draw up a Development Plan after assessing the needs in their areas. To build a new school the LEA had to judge each case on its merit and draw up a list of priorities based on greatest educational need.

This list was then submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval. This approval was based on the availability of labour and materials and specific criteria, such as high local birth rate or new housing developments, which created urgent need. The story of Brookmans Park Primary School gives a good example of how this process operated in reality.

Lilian Caras - first published 1983 (Revised May 2000)

Index - The history of Brookmans Park School
Chapter 1 - Before Brookmans Park School was built
Chapter 2 - The Case for a Primary School in Brookmans Park
Chapter 3 - Conditions in Local Schools Deteriorate
Chapter 4 - Change of site for the new school
Chapter 5- The cost of the school
Chapter 6 - School extended and swimming pool built
Chapter 7 - Hertfordshire School Building Programme a Success

Chapter 1 - Before Brookmans Park School was built

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