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North Mymms Pictures From The Past

Chapter Seven - Landmarks

Last working gas lamp Coal Duty marker
Last working gas lamp in the area, Warrengate Road, removed 1969.
Coal Duty marker on the railway embankment at Hawkshead erected 1851.
North Mymms Pumping Station Old Pump House
North Mymms Pumping Station July 1966, Warrengate Road, Water End.
Old Pump House with first electrically driven pump which replaced the steam driven power unit July 1966.
buses at Nash's Corner Gasometer Bulls Lane, 1966. Train travelling to Welwyn Garden City
Boundary post on railway bank south of Hawkshead Breidge, erected by LNER 1934-5, names removed 1940.
Boundary post

North Mymms Pictures From The Past - Index
Chapter One - Welham Green
Chapter Two - Transport
Chapter Three - North Mymms Park
Chapter Four- Water End
Chapter Five - Public Houses
Chapter Six - Brookmans Park
Chapter Seven - Landmarks
Chapter Eight - Little Heath
Chapter Nine - Farming
Chapter Ten - Bell Bar
Chapter Eleven - People of North Mymms
Chapter Twelve - Marshmoor

Note: ‘North Mymms Pictures From The Past’ is a collection of more than 100 old photographs compiled by the North Mymms Local History Society and published in a new book in October 2002. The society says it is indebted to the following for the use of their photographs. The late Hugh Baddeley and Joan Baddeley, Lilian Caras, the late Pat Clarke, the late Dick and Dorothy Colville, Paul Jiggens, Bill Killick, Ron Kingdon, Joan Knight, Frank H. Meads, Bill Nott, the late George Knott, Margaret A Palmer, Colling Turner, Ron Warner, Ken Wright and the North Mymms Cricket Club. The 62-page book was sold out six weeks after being published.

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