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North Mymms Pictures From The Past

Chapter Six - Brookmans Park

Aerial view of Brookmans Park Brookmans Park Radio Transmitting Station
Aerial view of Brookmans Park in 1950 with Bradmore Green, the Brookmans Park Hotel, development in Bradmore Way, the north side of Bluebridge Road and development still to take place in Oaklands Avenue.
Brookmans Park Radio Transmitting Station with the original frontage on to the Great North Road (A1000) July 1961. It was opened for regional transmission on March 9, 1930. It was the first station in the world to transmit two programmes simultaneously. Experimental TV transmission was carried out before transferring to Alexander Palace.
Bradmore Green 1950 Bradmore Green 1950
Bradmore Green 1950
Bradmore Green 1950 from railway station
Brookmans Park Motors Ltd The Woolsack, Bradmore Green 198
Brookmans Park Motors Ltd 1991. Original proprietor Mr Greenleaf owned the Bell Bar Garage.
The Woolsack, Bradmore Green 1986, had been decorated to mark the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.
Brookmans Brookmans Park Golf Club
Brookmans, the home of the Gaussens was destroyed by a fire in 1891.
The stable block was converted into a residence for the family and is now the Brookmans Park Golf Club. c 1950.
The United Reformed Church St Michael's Chapel
The United Reformed Church 1993. A congregational gathering was started in 1941, moving to a converted shop on Bradmore Green in 1942; a temporary chapel in Oakland Avenue in 1948, and to the present building which was dedicated in 1960.
St Michael's Chapel 1993. St Mary's Church purchased the Moffats squash court in 1948, converting it into St Michael's and All Angel's Chapel, which was consecrated in 1951.
The Odeon advertising board The Odeon advertising board in Bradmore Green in October 1968. The cinema closed in 1973.

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Chapter Six - Brookmans Park
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Note: ‘North Mymms Pictures From The Past’ is a collection of more than 100 old photographs compiled by the North Mymms Local History Society and published in a new book in October 2002. The society says it is indebted to the following for the use of their photographs. The late Hugh Baddeley and Joan Baddeley, Lilian Caras, the late Pat Clarke, the late Dick and Dorothy Colville, Paul Jiggens, Bill Killick, Ron Kingdon, Joan Knight, Frank H. Meads, Bill Nott, the late George Knott, Margaret A Palmer, Colling Turner, Ron Warner, Ken Wright and the North Mymms Cricket Club. The 62-page book was sold out six weeks after being published.

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