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Jubilee memories - Ann Gillard

My parents came to Brookmans Park in 1951. We lived in the Gardens, on the corner, where the road 'rounds' into Westland Drive. There was a house being built, I can remember playing amongst the sand and bricks when the builders were not around.

At the time Brookmans Park was still being developed. Westland Drive, on the right hand side of the road, only had a few bungalows; the remaining area was scrubland, where boys would play football during the summer months. There was also, as I remember, a large oak tree and a pond. Our garden backed onto this area and my father had a vegetable plot; as did other neighbours. That area is now taken up with beautifully kept gardens belonging to houses, which have been built since.

Some people will remember 'Merrylegs' the pony that was kept in the field, which is now a parade of shops next to Station Close. Over the other side of the road, which is now Green Close, there was also a field of horses.

I attended Brookmans Park Primary School, Mr Harris was the head master, Miss Roberts, Ms Raine, and Mrs mount were some of the teachers I remember. I have happy childhood memories of Brookmans Park. Although I now live in Potters Bar I visit my mother who still lives there.

June 1, 2002

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