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Victorian lives in North Mymms
by Peter Kingsford


This book is a sequel to the author’s other books about North Mymms in Hertfordshire, ‘A Modem History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950’, ‘North Mymms People in Victorian Times’, and ‘North Mymms Schools and Their Children 1700-1964’.

Like those, it deals with the parish of North Mymms in the nineteenth century but in a different way which throws a fresh light on those times. Its subject is, more especially than in the other books, how the people lived, worked, thought and felt and behaved and their relations with each other.

The book is concerned with not only the lives of the parishioners in general but also with the different sorts and conditions of the men and women. The almost inexhaustible wealth of historical material which is available makes that kind of history possible. It also means that there is still more to be written by any one who has the taste for it.

The author is much indebted to the Hertfordshire County Archivist and his ever-helpful colleagues, to the librarian and the staff of the Hertfordshire Local Studies Collection, to Mr Pat Clarke, Mr J Shadbolt and the clerk to North Mymms Parish Council. He is also glad to thank Mr W J Killick, Welwyn Hatfield Museum service, Mr D Speary and Mr R G Colville for illustrations.

Peter Kingsford 1989

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