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Victorian lives in North Mymms
by Peter Kingsford


This book, 'Victorian Lives in North Mymms', is the fourth in the series of books by Peter Kingsford following on from his first, 'A Modern History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950'. Peter's second book is 'North Mymms people in Victorian Times' and his third, 'North Mymms Schools and Their Children'. All have been reproduced in full on this site following permission from Peter Kingsford and the North Mymms Local History Society.

The photographs reproduced by Peter Kingsford in his book 'Victorian Lives in North Mymms'

This book is concerned with not only the lives of the aprishioners in general, but also with the different sorts and conditions of the men and women. Peter Kingsford.

Chapter 1: Awake and Sing
The role of religious worship in the parish and the life of the Rev. Horace Meyer, vicar of North Mymms 1857-64.

Chapter 2: The Rude Forefathers
Agricultural labourers, gardeners and the fear of the arrival of the trade unions. The vicar gives a warning not to join.

Chapter 3: The Spanish Guerilla
The Spaniard, Miguel Yzuierdo, a Carlist guerilla on the run in North Mymms in 1853 is cornered in a field. A boy farmhand is killed. A mystery unfolds.

Chapter 4: Women's Work
The role of women in the North Mymms of 1851, many earning as much as their husbands by working for the large landowners in the Parish.

Chapter 5: Publicans and the community
In Victorian times there were six pubs in the parish. The council considered this to be over provision. The national average was a pub for every 326 inhabitants (including children). North Mymms had a for every 261 men, women and children.

Chapter 6: North Mymms versus Ridge
Removal from a parish could take place if a person was poor but not entitled to relief from the parish he or she lived in - but where should they go to? The Victorian Removal law was challenged.

Chapter 7: Law and Order
Poaching and robbery were considered serious crimes worthy of transportation to Australia or Tasmania. Other more violent crimes and murder brought the death sentence.

Chapter 8: In Service
Domestic service for the women became a respectable livelihood bringing with it elevation in society - depending on who you served.

Chapter 9: Change in Bell Bar
A quick walk round Bell Bar, imagining what it was like at the turn of the century, and then another visit 50 years later.

Chapter 10: Brief Lives
A look at five lives in Victorian North Mymms from childhood to retirement, workhouse and death.

Chapter 11: Pillars of Society
Who was important in North Mymms during the Victorian period and why. Churchwardens ranked high because they sorted out who sat in which pew.

Chapter 12:Expressions of Loyalty
How North Mymms celebrated the coronations of Edward VII and George V and how the Peace was marked.

Where Peter Kingsford researched the material for this book.

Peter Kingsford, 1989

Chapter 1 - Awake and Sing
Index - Victorian lives in North Mymms
Preface - Why Peter Kingsford wrote the book
Sources - Where Peter Kingsford researched the material for this book.
Photographs - The photographs reproduced by Peter Kingsford in his book

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