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North Mymms Schools & their Children
1700 - 1964

by Peter Kingsford


This book, 'North Mymms Schools & their Children', is the third in the series of books by Peter Kingsford following on from his first, 'A Modern History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950'. Peter's second book is 'North Mymms people in Victorian Times' and his fourth book is 'Victorian Lives in North Mymms'. All have been reproduced in full on this site following permission from Peter Kingsford and the North Mymms Local History Society.

Why Peter Kingsford felt compelled to put pen to paper for his third book which adds another dimension to the economic and demographic change of the parish of North Mymms from 1700-1964.

Chapter One - Charity 1710-1840
There have been schools in North Mymms since 1710, but the early educational establishments were supported mainly by charity with the local gentry contributing a major amount along with the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Chapter Two - Born to be daily labourers 1840-1870
By 1840 there were considerable stirrings in education. An enormous investment in railways and the increasing development of manufacture, making Britain the workshop of the world, were taking place which in turn affected attitudes to education.

Chapter Three - With every mouth, God sends a pair of hands 1870-1890
The chief influence on the schools during these 20 years was an Act of Parliament which enforced parents to ensure their children had a good education.

Chapter Four - Two steps forward, one step back 1890-1918
The beginning of free education in 1891, and the Education Act of 1902, had their due effect in the North Mymms Schools. Little Heath and its school grew.

Chapter Five - Towards the promised land 1918-1939
The school leaving age was fixed at 14 and the employment of children aged between 12 & 14 limited to two hours a day. Plans were drawn up for new schools and the closure of some older ones.

Chapter Six - The promised land 1939-1964
The war years meant that many school children became part-timers. Water End School closed, Brookmans Park School opened and Chancellor's School was built.

Time Chart
Key dates in the educational history of North Mymms from 1710-1964.

Where Peter Kingsford researched his material for the book 'North Mymms Schools & their Children 1700-1964

Peter Kingsford, 1987

Chapter 1 - Charity 1710-1840
Index - North Mymms Schools & their Children 1700 - 1964
Preface - Why Peter Kingsford wrote the book
Time Chart - Key dates in the educational history of North Mymms
Sources - Where Peter Kingsford researched his material for the book

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