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North Mymms people in Victorian times
by Peter Kingsford


The purpose of this book is to tell something of the lives of the people of North Mynms Parish in the 19th century. The parish of some 5000 acres lies, for the greater part, between the A1000 and the A1(M), four miles south of Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

The reception of the authorís 'Modern History of Brookmans Park', was so encouraging that this sequel is now offered. But whereas that first book dealt with only one part of the parish, this one bears on the whole parish and its hamlets of Welham Green, Water End, Bell Bar and Roestock, with a glance at Little Heath.

I should like to thank the following for the research done by them and which I have used:

For chapter 1 a WEA class; for chapter 2 and chapter 3 Marian Benton and Jenny Rackstraw: for chapter 4, Jenny Rackstraw; for chapter 5 and chapter 9, Peter Granger; for chapter 7, Henry Green and for chapter 14, Charlotte Marlborough. I am also indebted to 'North Mymms Parish and People', by Dorothy Colville.

For the loan of documents and the gift of information grateful thanks are given to the Divisional Education Officer, Welwyn Garden City, North Mymms Parish Council, Mrs N Palmer of North Mymms, St Maryís Church of England JMI School, Welwyn Hatfield District Council, Mrs Iris Collins (nee Nash), the County Archivist of Hertfordshire and his staff. For the illustrations and map I am indebted to Philip Elgar, Albert Thorn, Mr H Honour and Mr J Shadbolt and Bill Killick.

Peter Kingsford, 1986

Chapter 1 - North Mymms Parish in the year of the Great Exhibition
Index - North Mymms people in Victorian times
Preface - North Mymms people in Victorian times
Photographs - from the book

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