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North Mymms Church - 140 Years of History

The Churchwardens’ Accounts of North Mymms
by H.M. Alderman


Whilst making a search in the vestry of St. Mary’s I found the parchment covered book giving details for the years 1762 - 1907.

It was a great find, for these accounts afford an interesting glimpse into the daily life of the parish, those things the average history book disdains to mention.

But this is not strange when it is remembered that the Churchwardens and the vestry, at least from Elizabethan days, were the sole authority in country parishes to exercise rule in secular matters, hence the mass of detail in matters nowise connected with the Church.

It was only the enactment of the various local government measures during the second half of the nineteenth century which took away from the Church vestry the duty of electing Overseers of the poor, the Road Surveyor, Waywardens, Stonewardens and other officials necessary for the good order of the parish; and what is most interesting, we have the names of the common folk at their day-to-day tasks and in several instances these names still exist.

The book in question is now deposited in the Diocesan Muniment Room at the County Hall in Hertford.

by H.M. Alderman

Chapter 1 - Beer for the bell ringers
Index - North Mymms Church 140 Years of History
Foreword - Why H.M. Alderman wrote the book.

Editor's Note: The text has been left as it appeared in H.M Alderman's original work. For those too young to remember pounds, shillings and pence, the currency set out above as it was before we changed to a decimal system for currency in 1967. It works out as follows. £1 = 20 shillings (s) and 1 shilling = 12 pennies (d). So £1 10s 0d = £1.50 today and 1s = 5p.

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