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The London Twin-Wave Broadcasting Station
Brookmans Park

The Power House

The power house switchboard
The power house switchboard
Outside the building one encounters first of all the two main oil tanks which, when full, contain a sufficient supply of fuel for several months’ working. Between the two oil tanks there is a wooden tower for cooling the water circulating in the engines.

Next comes the power house itself, containing the four six-cylinder Diesel engines driving direct-current generators, each capable of an output of 200kw. Three engines are sufficient for running the two transmitters on full power, the remaining engine being held in reserve.

A small compartment adjoining the engine-room contains a boiler heated by the exhaust gases of the engine. This boiler provides sufficient hot water to heat the whole building, but an auxiliary oil-fired boiler is provided for heating purposes when no engine is running, in order to make certain that the apparatus shall be kept dry at all times.

Elaborate precautions have been taken in the design of the engine bed to remove the possibility of any vibration reaching any other part of the building, it being particularly necessary that the transmitters should not be subject even to slight vibration.

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The Power House
The Battery Room
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