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The London Twin-Wave Broadcasting Station
Brookmans Park

The Control Rooms and Studio

Filament current motor generators
Filament current motor generators
Adjoining the transmitter hall, on the ground floor of the office block, are two control rooms, for handling the programme radiated by each transmitter. These rooms, which have windows communicating with the transmitter hall, contain the amplifiers and switch-gear for handling the music or speech before it is applied to the transmitter.

Brookmans Park is connected to the studios at Savoy Hill by four Post Office telephone cable circuits, which are specially arranged to avoid distortion. On arrival at the Brookmans Park control room, the music is amplified to the correct strength and is then passed to the sub-modulators in the main transmitters.

The remaining space on the ground floor of the office block is occupied by offices, a spare valve room, a garage, and a waiting-room for visitors. On the upper floor there are two rooms for checking (on loud speakers) the quality of the transmission, and a test-room for taking precise measurements of the performance of the transmitters. There is also a studio, which is used normally for tests, and a room which has been left vacant for the installation of tuning-fork drive apparatus, should it ever become necessary to operate one of the transmitters on the same wavelength as another at one of the other Regional Stations.

The studio is used for testing and, in the event of a complete failure of communication with Savoy Hill, to make an announcement and carry on a programme while the lines are being repaired or changed. For the interest of visitors the first transmitter ever used by the B.B.C. (the original 2LO) has been placed in the studio. This was originally installed in Marconi House, and provides an interesting contrast with the latest design as seen in this station. At the opposite end of the office block from the studio there is a kitchen and mess-room for the staff.

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