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The London Twin-Wave Broadcasting Station
Brookmans Park

The Aerial System

Bird's-eye view of the north masts
Bird's-eye view of the north masts
There are two aerial systems, one for each programme, and each aerial is supported by two 200-foot self-supporting insulated lattice steel towers.

These are placed on either side of the building, parallel with each other.

Beneath each aerial there is an aerial transformer house, approximately eight feet square and faced with cement to harmonize with the main building.

The earth system consists in each case of eighty copper wires radiating from the aerial transformer house in all directions and buried one foot below the surface of the ground.

The process of generating the high-frequency energy for the two aerials really begins at the back end of the building, with the generation of power in the form of direct current at 220 to 230 volts.

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The Aerial System
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