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Planting the millennium avenue

On Sunday, February 23, 2003, a team of 17 volunteers turned out to plant an avenue of oak, alder and holly in Gobions to mark the millennium. Click here for the story. The trees, six oak, four alder and six holly now form an avenue running north to south across the upper Leach Field. The following is a picture gallery of the event. All images have been heavily compressed to assist download speeds.

Michael Jonas delivering the oak trees before the planting The upper Leach Fields before the work began
Setting out the markers before digging the holes for the trees Mike and his daughter Jessica planting an oak to be called 'Maud' after their dog
Matthew with his mother Mandy planting one of the holly trees Stuart Kato digging a hole for one of the alders
Esther Minton and Frieda Grahame, both new residents to Brookmans Park, planting an alder Peter Thomas, a former resident of Brookmans Park, who returned to help out
Mike Brazier digging a hole for one of the oak trees Bernard Spatz digging a hole for one of the holly trees
Tom and Jack, two of the younger volunteers planting one of the holly trees Clearing up and putting the finishing touches to the millennium avenue
Peter Bennett securing an oak with David Alcorn in the background carrying the compost The volunteers standing in the middle of the millennium avenue at the end of the job

All images have been heavily compressed to help download and were taken with a Fujifilm MX-4900 zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm.

February 23, 2003

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