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RVC Royal Visit October 2003

by the RVC's John Fisher

The following is a short selection of pictures from the recent visit by HM The Queen and Prince Philip to the Hawkshead Campus of the The Royal Veterinary College. The day particularly featured the official opening of the new Larger-Animals Clinical Centre and the "Eclipse" Building. Note: Click on any image below to view a full-size picture.

RVC Royal Visit RVC Royal Visit
Professor May introducing HM to the potential of the new Imaging & Diagnostics Building - here with a smaller animal. Also in the new Imaging & Diagnostics Building - here with a larger animal.
RVC Royal Visit RVC Royal Visit
Prince Philip is a technology enthusiast - here talking with Stephen May, Lynne Hill, Lord Salisbury and others in the central imaging room (at the heart of the suites dedicated to ultrasound, Xray, CT, scintigraphy and other diagnostic techniques) The royal party watching a computer-assisted case-assessment being carried out on a treadmill.
RVC Royal Visit RVC Royal Visit
The royal party talking to students and staff on her walk-about. HM The Queen receiving flowers from some young enthusiasts.
RVC Royal Visit RVC Royal Visit
Prince Philip talking to students in one of the new computer-assisted teaching/study rooms in the Eclipse Building... ...such facilities will be available to support clinical students on the 24/7 rotations basis
RVC Royal Visit RVC Royal Visit
HM the Queen talking with students in the new library reading room. The Queen and Prince Philip were presented with a maquette of the statue of "Eclipse" (whose statue is now in the main hall of the building named after that historic horse) by the Principal, Professor Lance Lanyon.

All images have been heavily compressed to help download and were taken by RVC staff, who gave permission for them to be used on this site. They are not to be reproduced without the permission of the RVC.

Thursday 30 October 2003

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