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North Mymms War Memorial
St Mary's Church North Mymms

A Canadian veteran of the 1939-1945 war, Richard Gillians, wrote to this site and asked whether a page could be made listing the names of the North Mymms men who died in both wars. Richard, whose grandfather was a local man, also wanted photographs of the war memorial including for the benefit of those living overseas.

I have tried to write the names down (see list at bottom of this page for the 1914-1918 war and the 1939-1945 war) from the photographs but some were faint and difficult to make out. In a number of cases letters were missing. If I have made any errors please and they will be put them right.

mem12.jpg (14264 bytes) mem11.jpg (14455 bytes)
mem5.jpg (13994 bytes) mem6.jpg (17094 bytes) mem4.jpg (16455 bytes)
mem13.jpg (12702 bytes) mem2.jpg (13082 bytes) mem8.jpg (15135 bytes)
mem10.jpg (11571 bytes) mem1.jpg (12588 bytes)
1914-1918 1939-1945
F.C. Aslett F. C Bellchambers
A. Beach S.J. Brandon
F.C. Bennett S.F. Charkham
C.C Canham S.E.F. Curry
H.C. Childs J.R.G. Day
W.J. Collins A.T. Field
E. Cooper W.G. Filer
C.R. Cowland J. Fleetwood-May
E. Cowland F. Hall
S.F. Day A.C. Hammett
H. Eaglestone E.R. Hedgecoe
P.N. Eaglestone L.F. Hobbs
W. Franklin R.D.C. King
F.J Game M.A. Knight
E. Gilmore V.R. Martin
A. Gray R.E. Mills
F.E. Gubbins N. Nash
D.K. Henderson J.H.M. Pulford
F.H. Hickson E.C. Smith
E.G. Hipgrave K.F. Stanbridge
W. Juby
J. Leader
J.F. Mallett
F. Margetts
G. Maynard
C. Chamberlain
J. Nash
T. Nash
A.G. Payne
F.L. Perry
A.E. Pollard
F. Seymour
F. Shuttleworth
L.W. Sibley
C.E. Smith
A. Street
C. Venables
J. Wilkinson
C.J Wren
W.R. Way

A Fujifilm FinePix 4900Zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm was used. All images have been heavily compressed to help reduce download time.

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