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BMX track renovations

On Friday and Saturday, June 7 & 8, almost 40 community-minded adults, teenagers, scouts and children, helped rebuild the BMX Track behind the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre. They did it following repeated calls, in this site's Forum, for more facilities for the area's young. Working with spades, forks and their bare hands, they fashioned a BMX track to be proud of, complete with hill climbs, water jumps and other obstacles. Click here for the full story. NB: The BMX track goes clockwise and those using the track do so at their own risk. The following is a selection of pictures of the new track, taken using a Fujifilm FinePix 4900Zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm. All have been heavily compressed to help download.

BMX track - bmx12.jpg BMX track - bmx10.jpg
Approaching the river jump The downhill drop to the river
BMX track - bmx9.jpg BMX track - bmx7.jpg
The drop from the other side of the river The bridge crossing the river
BMX track - bmx6.jpg BMX track - bmx4.jpg
A sharp right turn and another river jump The view from the far side of the jump
BMX track - bmx3.jpg BMX track - bmx11.jpg
The climb up to the woods looking back The track through the woods
BMX track - bmx17.jpg BMX track - bmx15.jpg

Out into the open for the highest jumps

Around the track negotiating obstacles
BMX track - bmx14.jpg BMX track - bmx16.jpg
Heading back towards the woods and river The route offers a number of diversions
Just a reminder, this was all built by voluteers who gave up two days of their time to create something really special. Congratulations to all involved.

June 14, 2002

A Fujifilm FinePix 4900Zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm was used. All images have been heavily compressed to help reduce download time.

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