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Fancy writing a feature for the site? If you have a piece you want to donate to the site, please e-mail the site, and it will be considered for publication. The articles can be serious pieces of work about important environmental and social issues, or simply a light-hearted look at everyday life. All work has to be completely original and must not contain any content belonging to others, unless they are attributable quotes or points. The copyright for the material will remain with the author. The only other rule is that the authors must be living in, or have previously lived in North Mymms.

What do we do now?
Budding journalist, Vicky Anscombe, hoping for something to celebrate soon.

Media graduate Vicky Anscombe is about to start work as a debt collector. She's still writing and trying to break into journalism, but it's not easy. On a recent visit to see her Brookmans Park family, Vicky spoke about the difficulties she faced in finding a job to match her skills. Click here for Vicky's report.

Lawn care after a dry spell
Simon WenerThe dry summer of 2006 left many local lawns looking dry and dead, but don't panic, the grass might be dormant, not dead. Local gardening expert, Simon Wener, offers some advice on how to help your lawn recover. Click here for Simon's report.

Boots and grey cells tested on quiz walk
a point of interest along the PEAP walkFreddy O'Hare, one of the committee members of the North Mymms PEAP (Parish Environmental Action Plan) was one of a number of volunteers who organised a guided walk through the parish highlighting some of the key historical and environmental features. Click here for Freddy's report.

North Mymms Parish Council explained
Councillor Bob HorrocksBob Horrocks, a North Mymms Parish councillor and Honorary Secretary of the Green Belt Society North Mymms District Green Belt Society, contributed this feature because the site lacked a definitive article about the workings of the parish council. more ...

What, me shooting? Not interested
shootingA invitation to join a friend on the firing range didn't appeal to local resident Jet at all. He had visions of what he describes as 'old boys in plus fours, or combat gear'. However he soon got the bug and became a skilled marksman. Here he explains his fascination with shooting. more ...

A quiet fishing trip - or perhaps not
FishermanYou’ll have seen them sitting around Gobions Pond and along the river banks of south Hertfordshire. Some of you will have wondered what fishermen see in sitting on their own under an umbrella drowning maggots and sipping tea. Well, there is more to it than meets the eye, as local angler Jet explains. more ...

Zeppelin brought down over Potters Bar
PillboxIn 1916 a Zeppelin airship was caught in searchlights as it moved over London on a bombing raid. A lone pilot attacked and brought the giant airship down over Potters Bar. This is the story of the significance of that incident taken from cuttings and other records loaned to this site by the North Mymms Local History Society. more ...

Fortress Hertfordshire - Local wartime defences
Piper CadetIn 1940, as the German army swept across mainland Europe to the shores of France, Britain was in imminent danger of invasion. Only the channel stood in the enemy's way and, beyond that, a line of ditches, concrete and brick. Jim Apps writes about Fortress Hertfordshire

Lead light luminary
Lead Light makingIn a small flint-faced barn a local craftsman is offering courses in an ancient skill, pioneered in Britain and now facing a revival. After a day with James Brunswick, students are turning out works of art using methods that have changed little over the centuries. more ...

The private pleasure of flying
Piper CadetEver fancied learning to fly and piloting your own light aircraft? It seems more and more people are earning their wings and taking to the air. Brookmans Park resident Jet writes four features about the pleasure of learning to fly

What it means to be a magistrate
Hertford Magistrates CourtAs Hertfordshire campaigns for more magistrates, a Brookmans Park resident and forum user, who prefers not to be named, writes about why he volunteered for the service and what he gets out of it. Here is his story ... more ...

Childhood memories of the Octagonal Lodge
Octagonal LodgeWhile browsing the web, searching for information about her past, a Dutch woman came across this site and one image caught her eye. It led to a trip down memory lane for Hendrien Ferkranus and her mother. This is her story.

Does the Brookmans Park puma exist?
Mountain Lion or Puma After a four-year break, people are again reporting seeing big cats in the area. However one Brookmans Park resident argues that, if the puma did exist there would be far more evidence about than there is. John Fraser argues that there are no big cats in the local woods.

Recycling - a model for Brookmans Park to follow?
Recycling Village Waste A small village in Kent has found a way of dealing with household and garden waste while at the same time creating jobs, making money and improving the environment. Could there be some lessons here for Brookmans Park? Ed Wright reports. more...

Hertfordshire's coal posts
Hertfordshire coal posts You might have passed them in the car, by train or on foot and you probably won't have given them a second glance. But if you had travelled the same way 130 years earlier you might have found queues of people, many with carts loaded with coal, wine, clothing and food, haggling with the taxman. They are the Hertfordshire coal posts.

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