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Gobions Open Space
North Mymms Parish Council

Gobions Open Space
Gobions Open Space looking south-west from the car park towards the lakes and Gobions Woods.
Not to be confused with the Gobions Woodland Trust. The Gobions Open Space is an area of land maintained by North Mymms Parish Council.

It is mainly accessed from a small track just off Moffats Lane at the point where the road bends sharply and many drive far too fast. Turn down that track and you come to a car park with space for about 20 vehicles.

There is a huge field - the Open Space - with views over the surrounding countryside to the south.

play.jpg (7401 bytes)
The play area just south of the car park at Gobions Open Space.
From here you can see Gobions Wood, which is maintained by the Gobions Woodland Trust and it is also from here that a number of footpaths take you down to those woods and the Leach Fields.

Just south of the car park is a small fenced off play area with swings and other playground equipment for youngsters. The are many paths offering walks through the woods, around the Gobions Lake and across the wide open spaces that make up this area.

An array of signs erected by North Mymms Parish Council greets people arriving at the car park. The council has set out the following rules and regulations for the area.

  • Cycling, motor cycling, horse riding, golf and unauthorised vehicles are not permitted on the Gobions Open Space grass.
  • Games with a hard ball of any type are not permitted on the open space site.
  • Children Play Here! Please do not allow your dog to foul the cut grassed area. (You soon realise the importance of this rule after the 2nd Hatfield - 1st Brookmans Park Cubs have held a summer evening meeting in the area).
There is also a sign put up by the local fishing club setting out the rules for fishing in Gobions Pond which you can also just see from the car park.
  • Private Fishing. North Mymms Angling Club. No day tickets. Angling Club Members Only.
Set off from this car park and enjoy hours of countryside walks.

Gobions Woodland Trust
North Mymms District Green Belt Society
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