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A hornet, rarely seen in England, has been spotted and captured in Brookmans Park.  Steve Heliczer who lives in Woodlands, found the large insect flying around his kitchen.

The hornet (Vespa Carbro) - hornet3.jpg (8384 bytes)

The hornet (Vespa Carbro)

Steve called the Entomology section at Liverpool University and was told the insect's scientific name is Vespa Carbro which, although common in mid and northern France is rare in England.

The advice was to offer it something sugary to give it energy and let it go. Steve was told that they are not as venomous as smaller wasps and are not agressive unless their nests are disturbed.  He was advised to contact the local museum so that the visit could be recorded.

Steve submitted the picture to this site, along with a selection of photographs (below) of insects he has taken in the area.

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spider8.jpg (9351 bytes) spider3.jpg (10651 bytes)
spider6.jpg (9333 bytes) spider2.jpg (13263 bytes)
spider5.jpg (16597 bytes) spider9.jpg (7576 bytes)
ladybird.jpg (11172 bytes) spider7.jpg (12921 bytes)

All pictures taken by Steve Heliczer using a Nikon Coolpix 990 with macro.  All images heavily compressed to assist in download.  If you want the full-sized images please

June 15, 2001

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