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Gobions Annual Report 2001

by Michael Jonas

Following our first Heritage Lottery Fund grant of 22,200 towards formulating a restoration and management plan for Gobions Wood, we are now in possession of the data needed to make informed decisions for the plan.

Our consultants, Landscape Design Associates, have produced magnificent reports on the history and ecology of our land. At the time of writing, we are discussing the various detailed proposals for the plan, with a view to submitting our major HLF application later this year.

The proposals will be presented to a meeting of the Friends (see below). Meanwhile, the two sketch maps and the article, "The Spirit of the Place", may give new insights into characteristics of the wood and Bridgeman's work.

Outline of Landscape Design Associates proposalsThe sketch map outlines some of the proposals from Landscape Design Associates and the section "The Spirit of the Place" describes how the garden was originally designed to appeal to the people of the time. The second map, Geometry of Bridgeman's Design for Gobions, outlines the importance of geometry in Bridgeman's designs. (Editor's Note: Click on the thumbnail on the right to reveal a larger version of the LDA proposal)

You will see that it is not our intention to attempt to reconstruct the 18th century pleasure gardens, but give a feeling of what it was like and enable us to appreciate how important Charles Bridgeman's work was to the development of the style which became known internationally as the English Garden.

We are also in discussions with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, with a view to being taken under their wing. We need a more full-time management base to handle the Lottery bid and generally to ensure the continuing good management of Trust lands.

By respecting both the history and ecology of our land, we aim to continue to follow our mission statement "To protect, maintain and enhance the environment centred on Gobions Wood for the benefit of all wildlife and the enjoyment of the public".

All elements of the Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 2001
Introduction and general matters - Michael Jonas
Herbs of Gobions Woodland in flower - illustrations
Shrubs of Gobions Woodland in flower - illustrations
Second Heritage Lottery Fund application - Michael Jonas
The Spirit of the Place - description
The Spirit of the Place - illustration
Lottery Fund application - illustration

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