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A History of Gobions

Appendix I - Gobions Estate roll of known users
Appendix II - Notes
Appendix III - North Mymms Parish valuation list 1838

Appendix I - Gobions Estate roll of known users
1100 Sir Richard Gubyun - Actual dates not known
until Sir Ansell Gobion - Actual dates not known
  Hugh Gobion - Actual dates not known
  Richard Gobion - Actual dates not known
  Hawise Botele - Actual dates not known
  John Boteler - Actual dates not known
  Philip Boteler - Actual dates not known
1397 John More
  No further record until
C 1518 Sir John More, Justice of the Court of Kings Bench
1530 Lady Alice More
1545 Crown lease to William Honnyngs, Clerk of the Privy Council (lease assigned to Sir John Mason some time between 1546 and 1551)
1550 Freehold transferred to Princess Elizabeth
1553 Freehold returned to More family by Queen Mary
1586 Leased by Margaret Knolles from Queen Elizabeth. On expiration of her lease estate reverted to …
1607 Cresacre More
1640 Inherited by his son Thomas More who mortgaged property for 1 500 and then either died or, according to some sources, sold freehold to his brother Basil, a London merchant. Basil impoverished the estate by his adherence to the Royalist cause and was forced to sell to …
1693 Sir Edward des Bouverie, a London merchant.
1695 Inherited by his son Jacob des Bouverie
1697 Sir Robert Beachcroft, woollen merchant.
1708 Jeremy (later Sir) Sambrooke, son of East India merchant
1754 Judith Sambrooke, his sister
1765 John Freeman, his nephew
1777 John Hunter, East India merchant
1802 Thomas Holmes (changed name to Hunter)
1815 William Booth
1817 Thomas Nash Kemble, died 1833, merchant in the spice trade
1838 Robert William Gaussen
1880 Inherited by Robert George Gaussen, Captain in the Grenadier Guards
1906 Inherited by his daughter Emilia Ponsonby Loftus Tottenham Gaussen
1923 Estate sold to White/Calder building syndicate
1969 North Mymms Parish Council bought site of house & lake
1986 Gobions Woodland Trust bought remains of estate

Appendix II

Although the 1735 map shows that Gobions Jeremy owned land in and around Welham Green his and Gobions’ connection with that village have not survived in any place names today. However, two roads in Welham Green are named after other families with connections with the Estate, firstly Knolles Crescent recalls Margaret Knolles who rented Gubbins for twenty-one years from 1586. She was a litigious lady who was involved in several lawsuits against local landowners without a great deal of success.

Secondly, Coningsby Close which is named after the Coningsby family. The Barnet and District Record Society Half-Yearly Bulletin, October 1952, records that after Sir Thomas More was executed all his lands became forfeit to the Crown. However, Gubbins had been left to his step-mother, Alice, for her lifetime and it was not taken by the Crown until approximately 1545. In 1546, the Crown leased the land to Sir John Mason but another local landowner, Elizabeth Coningsby, alleged that eight of the fields included in the estate, "Mylkesoppes", Langborowes", "Annot Fryers’, "Butters’, "Shilbornes’, "Baldwyns Croft", "Cley Croft’, and Redinges" had been held by the More family by copy of the court roll of the manor of North Mymms of which she was lord. If this was correct, as the land in question was not freehold it should not have been taken by the Crown after the death of Alice More. The outcome of the case is not known but it is most likely that the Crown was successful ("The King can do no wrong") and SirJohn Mason remained the tenant for several years at an annual rent of 50.9s.8d.

Appendix III

North Mymms Parish valuation list 1838

Rateable Value
. s.d
Gobions Mansion House & office,Garden, Pleasure Grounds & ornamental sheet of water 15.0.24 125.7.0  
Lodge adjoining Turnpike Road 4 3.0.0
Ditto next Folly Lane 1.25 3.0.0
Ditto by Brookmans Lane 13 2.5.0
Cottage & garden in Park near the summer house 1.15 2.5.0
Large wood & Pleasure Ground in middle of Park & sheet of water 27.3.32 10.9.2
The whole of the grass park 273.2.8 366.8.0
Road from Brookmans Lane to the Cottages by the Water Course 3.32 2.10
Plantations in Park 31  
Ditto 1.1.24  
Ditto 1.3.20  
Ditto 2.20  
Ditto 3.29  
Ditto 1.31  
Ditto 1.31  
Ditto 1.38  
Ditto 24  
Ditto 3.27  
Ditto 2.23  
Ditto 22  
Ditto 1.38  
Ditto 1.50  
  326.3.39 514.14.7
cf Brookmans Mansion House etc 282.1.16 328.9.0
Estimated rental 690.19.0    
Occupier late Bicheno, now Robt Willm Gaussen    
Note: ARP = Acres, rods and poles .s.d = Pounds, shillings and pence

Index - A History of Gobions
Chapter 1 - A History of Gobions - Peter Kingsford
Chapter 2 - The Present: Gobions Woodland Trust - Linda Jonas
Chapter 3 - Charles Bridgeman & The English Landscape Garden - Richard Bisgrove
Chapter 4 - The Garden at Gubbins Today - Linda Jonas
Photographs - Assorted prints from the book
Appendix - Appendices I, II, III - Three sections rolled into one including the Roll of Known Owners;   Welham Green Connections; North Mymms Parish Valuation List 1838

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