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Gobions Estate North Mymms Hertfordshire

by Peter Kingsford * Richard Bisgrove * Linda Jonas
First published 1993 - copyright Gobions Woodland Trust

southview.jpg (11243 bytes)
View of Gobions from the south west across the pond. Tinted print from "Views of Seats of Noblemen & Gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland" J.P. Neale 1818.
Courtesy of Hertfordshire County Records Office

Preface and Index


During the six years Gobions Woodland Trust has owned part of the land which made up the estate of Gobions many requests for details of its history have been received, particularly as, although so little of it now remains, its name has such strong local connections.

Today when our heritage is seemingly of great importance to us it is hard to understand how a fine 18th century mansion and a garden so famed that a royal visit was made to view it could virtually vanish 150 years later.

But similar lack of care of our recent past is still taking place today and theTrust hopes that this booklet will not only explain the history of Gobions Estate but also why it is important to retain the fragments which remains for the benefit not just of ourselves but for future generations.

The Trust is indebted to Peter Kingsford, historian and author of several books on North Mymms in Hertfordshire; to Richard Bisgrove, Lecturer, Department of Horticulture, University of Reading, author and contributor to many books on gardening and its history: and to Linda Jonas, Hon Secretary of Gobions Woodland Trust.

The Trust is also grateful to Mr. W. J. Killick for illustrations and help with the text.

Index - A History of Gobions
Chapter 1 - A History of Gobions - Peter Kingsford
Chapter 2 - The Present: Gobions Woodland Trust - Linda Jonas
Chapter 3 - Charles Bridgeman & The English Landscape Garden - Richard Bisgrove
Chapter 4 - The Garden at Gubbins Today - Linda Jonas
Photographs - Assorted prints from the book
Appendix - Appendices I, II, III - Three sections rolled into one including the Roll of Known Owners;   Welham Green Connections; North Mymms Parish Valuation List 1838

All material reproduced on this site thanks to the co-operation of the Gobions Woodland Trust. The Trust has its own page on this site.

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