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Herbs of Gobions Woods
Picture Gallery Part One
Shrubs and Trees of Gobions Woods

A short survey of flowering plants was undertaken in Gobions on April 16, 2002. A walk from the Gobions Open Space car park to Gobions woods recorded 49 species in flower. The study was undertaken as part of a Workers' Educational Association (WEA) class run by Brenda Harold. The findings are published in the Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report. You can click the small thumbnail image to reveal a larger version which will open up in a new browser window. This feature is split into two parts; part one concentrates on herbs and part two on shrubs and trees. The word "herb" is used in botany to mean "a plant which does not develop persistent woody tissues above ground".

moschatel Garlic Mustard Anemone

adoxa moschatellina

Garlic Mustard
alliaria petiolata

Wood Anemone
anemone nemorosa

Cow Parsley Lords and Ladies Daisey

Cow Parsley
anthriscus sylvestris

Lords and Ladies
arum maculatum

bellis perennis

Marsh Marigold Cuckoo Flower Stichwort

Marsh Marigold
caltha palustris

Cuckoo Flower
cardamine pratensis

Greater Stichwort
stellaria holostea

Common Chickweed Dandelion Speedwell

Common Chickweed
stellaria media

taraxacum officinale

Slender Speedwell
veronica filiformis

Ivy Leaved Speedwell Dandelion Early Dog Violet

Ivy Leaved Speedwell
veronica hederifolia

vinca minor

Early Dog Violet
viola reichenbachiana

Common Dog Violet Ground Ivy White Deadnettle

Common Dog Violet
viola riviniana

Ground Ivy
glechoma hederacea

White Deadnettle
lamium album

Field Woodrush Hairy Woodrush Dog's Mercury

Field Woodrush
luzula campestris

Hairy Woodrush
luzula pilosa

Dog's Mercury
mercurialis perennis

Wood Sorrel Cowslip Lesser Celandine

Wood Sorrel
oxalis acetosella

primula veris

Lesser Celandine
ranunculus ficaria


Flowers and herbs
without picture rights

Wavy Bittercress
cardamine flexuosa

Hairy Bittercress
cardamine hirsute

Wood Speedwell
veronica montana

Pendulous Sedge
carex pendula

hyacinthoides non-scripta

Flowers and herbs
without picture rights

Red Deadnettle
lamium purpureum

Wood Forget-Me-Not
myosotis sylvatica

Barren Strawberry
potentilla sterilis

primula vulgaris

Goldilocks Buttercup
ranunculus auricomis

tussilago farfara

Trees and shrubs for which we didn't have rights to publish the pictures include Cherry Laurel - prunus laurocerasus and Holly - ilex aquifolium. The sketches above are taken from the links provided from the the Vascular Plant Image Gallery to the collection of images from C.A.M. Lindman's Flora with kind permission from Project Runeberg (Sweden). Copyright for all processed images belongs to Dr. Gerhard Keuck, 1999. The photographs are copyright of Thomas Schoepke. This feature is split into a two part study. Part one concentrates on herbs and part two on shrubs and trees.

All elements of the Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 2001
Introduction and general matters - Michael Jonas
Herbs of Gobions Woodland in flower - illustrations
Shrubs of Gobions Woodland in flower - illustrations
Second Heritage Lottery Fund application - Michael Jonas
The Spirit of the Place - description
The Spirit of the Place - illustration
Lottery Fund application - illustration

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August, 2002

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