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Brookmans Park is surrounded by green belt land. Much of the responsibility for maintaining the woodlands, fields and pathways in and around the village falls to three main groups. North Mymms Parish Council looks after Gobions Open Space, Moffats Open Space and the area in the centre of Bradmore Green. The Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT) runs the woodland south of Gobions Open Space and has a lease on the Leach Fields, south of Moffats Open Space. The GWT organises work parties for volunteers to help maintain the area. The activities are written up online on the Gobions Woodland Trust Working Party site. Other groups involved in maintaining the local environement include Welwyn Hatfield District Council and Hertfordshire County Council who maintain the roads, verges and public footpaths. The North Mymms Green Belt Society acts as a pressure group and monitors planning applications which could threaten the character of the village and surrounding area. The society has its own site which is regularly updated. This site has an interactive Forum where you can have your say about environmental issues.

Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 2005
Gobions canal in winter. This report gave first details of the Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT) joining The Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT). The plan now is that the (GWT) freehold land will be gifted to The Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust. GWT will remain as an entity to continue to manage the land with the benefit of the added management skills of HMWT. The present trustees will continue collection of donations and other fund raising activities to finance the ongoing work in Gobions Wood. The GWT will also continue to lease and manage Leach Fields. More details...

Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 2001
Local herbs This report featured 49 species of flowering herbs and shrubs seen during a short survey from Gobions Open Space car park through Gobions Woodland and back in April 2002. Illustrations have been added to the text submitted by Brenda Harold's WEA class, which carried out the survey. The report also includes an illustration and description of the geometry of Charles Bridgeman's design for Gobions and explains the significance of Gladiator, Hercules, Cleopatra, the urn, the temple and the obelisk. It also includes proposals, set out by the Woodland Trust for its second Heritage Lottery Fund application.
All elements of the Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 2001
Introduction and general matters - Michael Jonas
Herbs of Gobions Woodland in flower - illustrations
Shrubs of Gobions Woodland in flower - illustrations
Second Heritage Lottery Fund application - Michael Jonas
The Spirit of the Place - description
The Spirit of the Place - illustration
Lottery Fund application - illustration

Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 2000
Local butterflies In this report Gobions Woodland Trust released the latest butterfly survey carried out by Linda Jonas who reported that it was the most disappointing year since the survey started in 1990. Linda said it was the wettest spring since 1983, followed by a hot May and then four weeks of cool cloudy weather throughout the last two weeks in June and the first two weeks in July, which is the main recording period. Linda reported that the main cause of butterfly decline is habitat destruction through intensification of agriculture, planting of conifer forests, and the changing of habitat management (eg decline of coppicing & livestock farming), which fragments and isolates butterfly habitat, leading to colony extinction and lowers the chance of re-colonisation.
Annual Report 2000
Butterfly Report 2000
English Heritage Register - Gobions

Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 1999
Local birds The 1999 report included a survey of birds, seen in a 10 km area around Brookmans Park, compiled by Rupert Pyrah. The pages from that report have now been updated with the 2000 & 2001 figures. Images have been added to that report to help identification and, over time, external links will also be added offering more information. Below each of the 100 pictures of local birds on the pages is a series of numbers representing the months the bird was seen in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 and a total for the six-year period.
Annual Report 1999
Butterfly Survey 1999
Butterfly Survey Details 1999
Butterflies plates 1-5
Butterflies plates 6-10
Butterflies plates 11-15
Butterflies plates 16-19
Butterflies not sighted during 1999 survey
Ecological Survey
Bird survey 1996-2000 page one updated 2000
Bird survey 1996-2000 page two updated 2000
Bird survey 1996-2000 page three updated 2000
Bird survey 1996-2000 page four updated 2000

Gobions Woodland Trust Friends' Report 1998
Local fungi The Gobions Woodland Trust 1998 report carried the latest survey of fungi carried out by Alan R Outen. Alan wrote: "This site is proving to be one of the most important for Fungi in the county. Other counties in Britain already have Sites of Special Scientific Interest designated on the strength of their mycological importance, some with far weaker credentials than Gobions. If any site in Hertfordshire deserves such status for its Fungi then surely this one does while the added importance of the place for other organisms further strengthens this claim. It is important that future management work should take account of the mycological interest and importance of this site,"
Survey of Fungi
Fungi plates 1-9
Fungi plates 10-19
Fungi plates 20-26
Survey of Butterflies
Butterflies plates1-5
Butterflies plates 6-10
Butterflies plates 11-15
Butterflies plates16-19
Butterflies not sighted during 1998 survey
Survey of Households and Users

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