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The parish of North Mymms, which includes Brookmans Park, has three primary schools and two secondary schools. The following information offers a bullet point introduction to those schools. There are also links to the school's sites for those who want to know more about the schools, or contact them directly. Children from North Mymms also attend schools outside the parish, but we have not attempted to list these because there are so many.

At the bottom of this page are further links to features about the history of both Brookmans Park Primary and Chancellor's School, written by local historian and author, Lilian Caras, and a book by Peter Kingsford about the history of education in the parish from 1700 to 1964 and a feature, also written by Peter, about the old Water End School, now closed.

Brookmans Park Primary School

Brookmans Park Primary School
Brookmans Park Primary
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

The village of Brookmans Park has its own primary school serving the village. Brookmans Park Primary School aims to ...

  • help pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds, to question and discuss logically and to pursue a task until it is completed
  • help pupils to prepare for their adult life in a rapidly changing world
  • help pupils to be literate and numerate to the best of their abilities
  • give pupils a respect for relligious and moral values and to be tolerant of other races, creeds and cultures
  • give children an understanding of the world in which they live and an awareness of their own heritage and culture
  • help pupils to appreciate human achievement in the Arts, Sciences and Sport
  • help children to develop physically and to experience a wide range of sporting activities.

Little Heath Primary School

Little Heath
Little Heath Primary School
Image courtesy of the school

Just to the south of Brookmans Park is the community of Little Heath which also has its own primary school. The aims of Little Heath Primary School are to ...

  • Create a learning community where all members have high standards and expectations and have equality of opportunity to gain maximum personal achievement
  • Create a stimulating and challenging environment, where children with enquiring, imaginative and creative minds become independent learners
  • Create a community which enables children to develop self-awareness and self-esteem, so that they grow as confident, articulate and responsible individuals
  • Provide a secure, safe and welcoming environment for all in the school community, where the motivation to learn is enhanced by the partnership between home and school
  • Provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum
  • Foster in each child respect and care for one another and an understanding of other races, religions and ways of life
  • Help children acquire a broad understanding and appreciation of the natural and made environment.

St Mary's Primary School, Welham Green

St Mary's
St Mary's Welham Green
Image courtesy of the school

Just to the north of Brookmans Park is the village of Welham Green, which has its own primary school. The aims of St Mary's Primary School are to create an environment which ...

  • Enables each child to develop academically, spiritually, socially and physically to the fullest extent possible
  • Is caring and safe
  • Is interesting, exciting and fun
  • Makes everyone feel welcomed, valued and respected.


Chancellor's School
chancellor's school
Chancellor's School, Brookmans Park
Aerial photo courtesy of Paul Large

Brookmans Park is also home to Chancellorís School, which has key ojbectives ...

To develop academic potential

  • by promoting the highest academic achievement
  • by helping individuals to realise their intellectual potential.
To develop personal skills
  • by developing confidence along with the ability to communicate
  • by working co-operatively and effectively with others
  • by encouraging participation in a wide range of activities.
To prepare pupils for life after school.
  • by developing a strong sense of personal responsibility
  • by encouraging consideration for others and a respect for moral values.

Queenswood school

Just east of the village of Brookmans Park is Queenswood school for girls.

Queenswood school for girls
Queenswood school for girls
Image courtesy of the school
According to the principal ...

  • Our independent school offers a fully-rounded education for approximately 400 girls aged 11 to 18
  • Our community is structured and purposeful, yet relaxed and friendly. Set in 120 acres of gardens and parkland, Queenswood gives every girl room to grow and be herself
  • Our beautiful setting provides a safe, attractive environment for learning, without being in any sense cut off: the cultural amenities of London are only 17 miles away by road or rail
  • We welcome borders and day girls, all of whom benefit from excellent academic opportunities, the highest quality pastoral care and a huge range of extra-curricular activities
  • Queenswood is a dynamic, forward looking school preparing modern girls to be the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow
  • Those parents who choose Queenswood for their daughter often find the decision surprisingly easy - they simply visit the school and fall in love with it. We hope you will do the same.

The history of Brookmans Park school
Before Brookmans Park Primary was built children in the village were educated in private schools because there was no state provision. The growth in the community in the second half of the last century forced the local authority to take action. Local writer, Lilian Caras, has recorded how the village primary was planned and built.

Chancellor's - the background
It was nearly called Gobions School and the land was almost sold off for housing but in the end local residents campaigned successfully for the creation of a secondary school in the village. Since then residents have been supporting their own local comprehensive school. Now Lilian Caras's history of Chancellor's School, written to mark its first 25 years is online.

North Mymms Schools and Their Children 1700-1964 - by Peter Kingsford
"The purpose of this short history is to show and explain how the education of the children of North Mymms parish has changed over two and a half centuries ... from when agriculture was the chief livelihood and most of the wage earners were farm labourers to the artisans, gardeners, game-keepers and all the other ranks are the main subject of this history of the schools of the parish," Peter Kingsford.

The Water End School - by Peter Kingsford
The School for the girls of the parish and for the infant boys until 1926, stood at Water End from 1847 to 1960. The accommodation was for 130 pupils so that during those 113 years of social change thousands of children passed through the school. What kind of influences did they come under?

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