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The content is submitted to The Brookmans Park Newsletter in three ways:

  1. Articles and books offered for publication by local people and organisations interested in building a resource of local information
  2. Contributions made on the community discussion forum
  3. News stories either submitted by local residents or written to highlight issues being discussed in the forum.

Features and books

All the books, features and other information on this site were moved to new homes in early 2018. Please bookmark the following sites.

The three sites above all offer daily email updates when new content is added. Just go to the site you want to follow and sign up for the notifications using the form at the top right of every page.

All content, unless otherwise stated is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0, which means you are free to reproduce and adapt the material as long as attribution and a link are provided to the original source, that the content is used for non-commercial purposes only, and that what you create from our content is released under the same license.

Forum contributions

All those who register for the forum agree to certain conditions as part of the forum agreement.

The views expressed in the forum are the views of the contributors to the forum and are not necessarily the views of the Brookmans Park Newsletter.

Copying content from other sources

The site's policy on the use of copyright material in our community discussion forum was tightened up in October 2016. The change affects the use of material created by others and published elsewhere.

Publicity material

If a news release has been issued with the intention of informing the public, that material may be included in a post, as long as attribution is given to the original source and a link to that material is included. Such material might include local authority circulars produced to achieve maximum reach in a community.

Material published online

If the material has been published on a free-to-view online news source, that material may be included either by paraphrasing or creating an embed, screen grab or PDF, as long as full attribution is given to the original source, and a link is provided to the material. Such material might include a news story on the free version of the Welwyn Hatfield Times or on any other non-subscription news and information site.

However If the material has been published on a subscription or pay-per-view site, where a paywall has been set up as part of that news organisation's business model, you may:

  1. Quote from the source, as long as you provide attribution and a link to the original material - including, if relevant, any interstitial paywall subscription page required to be completed in order to access that material.
  2. Paraphrase what the source was saying, but make it clear that what you have written is not a word-for-word quote and, again, provide full attribution to the original source and a link (as above in point 1).
You should not include in your forum posts a PDF or screen grab of the material that has appeared behind a financial paywall, because this is getting round the media organisation's revenue-generating business model.

Material published in a newspaper or magazine

If you spot an article in a newspaper that has local relevance and you feel you want to draw it to the attention of other forum users, you may use the material under the 'fair dealing' rules. For the purposes of this site, The Brookmans Park Newsletter, you may:

  1. Quote from the source. For this you must provide attribution and, if possible, a link to the online version of the report if available.
  2. Create an image of the relevant material and include it to illustrate a point. For this you must provide attribution and, if possible, a link to the online version of the report if available.

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Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0