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Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer by some sites you visit.

Why we use cookies

Picture of cookies by Claire Sutton released under creative commons

The only cookies used by the The Brookmans Park Newsletter are associated with the site's community forum. They are there to enhance the experience of people visiting the site.

They are downloaded to your computer whenever you visit the home page and are there so they can display two front page features 1) the number and names of those logged on to the forum and 2) the latest posts from the forum.

When you log on to the forum another cookie is served so that the site can remember you are logged in. This is to save you having to enter your details every time you move to another page. It also helps us ensure that the forum is not being abused.

The forum without cookies

If you are a member of the forum and are not happy about another cookie being stored on your computer you should not log in. You will still be able to browse the forum but will not be able to take part in the discussions or send message. However, a cookie will still be placed on your computer when you visit the home page of the site where the forum information is displayed.

Limiting the life of a cookie

If you are happy for a cookie to be downloaded so that you can still contribute, you can click to select a limited duration for the cookie to be active using the drop down list next to the log in area.

Third-party cookies

Some cookies are placed on this site by third-parties. They are the cookies for Google Adsense and Google Analytics which are used by Google so that the company can track who is clicking the adverts, how often they click and where they are from (in order to serve more targetted adverts), and to help track the site's traffic. Some of the advertisers whose adverts appear via Google Adsense might also place cookies on your computer.

There are also cookies served from Double-click, Google's advertising company, placed on the site in order to check the use of the adverts. We also have cookies from the social media site Twitter for the information feeds on the front page. There is a screen grab below of the cookies placed on my computer when I clicked round the site visiting the forum, the Facebook page, Twitter and clicking on the latest train times from First Capital Connect.

Brookmans Park cookies

Blocking cookies

If you want to disable all cookies in your browser you can follow the instructions in this useful tip sheet.

Pick and mix

You can always block some cookies and let others run. So, for example, if you are happy with the Brookmans Park Newsletter serving you a cookie for the smooth functioning of the forum, then you can leave that cookie active and block the others.

Disabling third-party cookies

If you want to switch off only the third-party advertising cookies, you can visit the UK page on the Internet Advertising Bureauís consumer advice site. If you are outside the UK please visit the site's main page and select your country from the list.

User agreeement

By continuing to use our site without turning off your cookies, you agree to the placement of the cookies described above on your device. If you don't want this you can still use the site, but the experience will be limited.

Note: The picture of cookies on the front page of this site was taken by Claire Sutton and is released under Creative Commons

28 May 2012

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